Are you interested in joining our team?

Our techs require a range of skills in various areas. It’s important that before applying you understand this field is not something you can just “get into and start learning”. This position is best suited to someone who has been into technology, building things & taking things apart for years.


  • Excellent telephone communication skills & be able to hold and actively participate in a conversation.
  • Good spelling, grammar & punctuation skills.
  • Be able to cope under stressful environments and busy workflows.
  • Solid customer service in retail or repair.
  • Be able to identify, manage & order items online.
  • Be able to explain something that is very complicated to a customer who may not understand the issue.
  • Knowledge in solid state & mechanical drives inc replacements, upgrades & cloning.
  • At least 2 years experience with soldering.
  • A solid knowledge of advanced software packages including Microsoft Office & Internet Browsers. As well as various repair software including Rufus, Hirens, Paragon, Disk Utility, Disk Management & Command Prompt.
  • Experience taking devices apart & working with various electronics.
  • Advanced knowledge of current devices on the market, their capabilities and specifications.
  • Solid computer knowledge. Your expected to be able to open a computer and name every single part you see & its function, as well as the knowledge to test, repair and replace it.
  • Solid knowledge of Facebook, Youtube & all general social networks.
  • Solid understanding of email clients & setting up emails/forwarding etc.
  • Solid understanding in virus removal and anti virus software.


  • Moderate electronic knowledge. (crimping, soldering, reading schematics & board view diagrams, using advanced electrical equipment to test components & circuits).
  • Basic programming knowledge inc Python, C++, or Html/CSS.
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.

We do not want your resume so please don’t send us one. I would prefer to meet you face to face and discuss your knowledge in these areas. If you think this position suits you, come into the store and speak to us at 3/221 The Entrance Road, Erina NSW 2250.