Child racks up $8000 bill on iPad

By | May 27, 2020

Earlier in the week, a Current Affair showed a six year old child who had surprisingly managed to spend $8000 over 500 transactions on his parents iPad. 

This occurs more often than we would like to think, as most people don’t realise how accessible their banking or in app purchases are on these devices.  So how can we prevent this from happening? Here is a list of suggestions.

Put a pass code on it. Every device comes with the option of a having a 4-6 digit code or a alphanumeric code. For iPhone’s go to your “Settings”, then to “Face ID & Passcode”.  For iPad’s, go to your “Settings”, then to “Touch ID & Passcode”. Here you can set up a passcode for your device, only people who know the code will then have access to your device. Always pick a passcode you will remember, or you too will be locked out of the device & have to wipe the devices entirely, in order to use it again. 

Set up Guided Access. iPads and iPhones come with a feature called “Guided Access”. This feature allows you to set up limited access to apps and games, ensuring that when your handing your iPad or iPhone to your child, their only able to access the app of your choosing. This feature also works well with home schooling to ensure the set task is being completed without any other distractions.  Go to “Settings” and select “Accessibility”. Turn the “Guided Access” on and then select “Display Auto-Lock”. Here you can choose how long your child can use the selected app, and your iPad/iPhone will automatically lock the device once the time limit is up. Once you have done this open the app of your choosing and hit the home button 3 times, this will enable the “Guided Access” feature.

Face ID or Touch ID Pass code. Another way to secure your device is by setting up a Face ID or a Touch ID passcode. This is also a good way of preventing anyone else from making purchases on your device. On your iPad, Go to your “Settings”, then to “Touch ID & Passcode”. Here is where you can set up your Touch ID and decide which features require that Touch ID to gain access. A Touch ID is a simple fingerprint on your home button, this can be used to unlock the iPad, making purchases in iTunes or the App store or Apple pay. You can turn this feature off at anytime, but it will prevent anyone else from gaining access to your device or making any purchases without your approval. 
iPhones have a feature called Face ID. It’s the same concept as a Touch ID, however in this case your iPhone is using a facial recognition feature to secure your device. Go to your settings, and to “Face ID & Passcode”. Here is where you can set up your Face ID and select which features require the Face ID to gain access.