Computer Services & Upgrades

General speed up
Virus removal
Anti-virus installation
HDD defrag
Graphics optimisation
Interior & exterior clean & dust removal
Cache & temporary internet files cleared

We Even offer this service remotely!
If you dont have time to come to the shop, we can do it for you while you stay at home!




We offer a range of computer repairs & services:
  • Hard Drives (SSD’S FROM $220)
    Talk to us about how upgrading your computer hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) could be the most cost effective upgrade you can make to the performance of your computer.
  • Screen Repairs (LCD’S FROM $169)
    Most of your common laptops all use the same standard 15.6 inch lcd screen!
  • Data Recovery (FROM $99)
  • Software Installations
  • RAM Upgrades
  • CD Drives
  • Keyboards (from $79)
  • Mouses
  • Buttons
  • Charge Ports  (from $99)
  • USB Ports
  • Ethernet Ports
  • Hinges & Housings


Prices do vary between different computers so we ask that you have your make and model number ready before contacting us. If you are not sure how to find these, just bring it to our store and we will handle it all for you.

Most computer repairs are done within 48 hours. Although due to some parts being unavailable in Australia some repairs may be subject to a longer time frame. We will always let you know this before ordering your part.

Safety Guarantee.

It can be a bit uncomfortable handing over your computer with so much of your personal information on it to someone to fix, and we understand that completely. If you wish to not exchange your login passwords for your device that is fine. Although this may effect our testing procedures involved with your repair.


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