Popular Phone Screen & Battery Prices

Updated 24th Jan 2020
iPhone 4/4S$80$45
iPhone 5$100$60
iPhone 5C$110$60
iPhone 5S$110$60
iPhone SE$110$70
iPhone 6$140$80
iPhone 6 Plus$150$80
iPhone 6S$160$80
iPhone 6S Plus$195$80
iPhone 7$195call us
iPhone 7 Plus $210call us
iPhone 8$220call us
iPhone 8+$260call us
iPhone X$320call us
iPhone XS$395call us
iPhone XS max $595call us
iPhone XR $300call us
 iPhone 11$310call us
iPhone 11 Pro$820call us
iPhone 11 Pro Max $760call us
Samsung Screen Battery
Samsung S2 $110$40
Samsung S3 $150$40
Samsung S4$170$40
Samsung S5 $190$40
Samsung S6 $260$95 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S6 Edge $280$95 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S6 Edge+$310$95 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S7 $260$95 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S7 Edge $350$95 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S8 $370$95 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S8+$395$95 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S9$415$110 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S9+$430$110 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S10$570$110 (inc rear glass)
Samsunug S10+$630$110 (inc rear glass)
Samsung S10e$550$110 (inc rear glass)

Last updated: 24th Jan 2020

Prices may be subject to change without notice

If you have an iPhone 6S or newer suffering from one or more of the following:

  • rapid battery drain
  • random restarts
  • running slow
  • you need to rotate the charge cable to get it to charge
  • issues recognising headphones
  • slow charging
  • issues recognising a computer/device

please read this article about the Tristar IC which may require repair