Ransom Virus / Ransomware Data Recovery

If your unlucky enough to have been targetted by a ransom virus. You probably read almost everywhere that there’s no way to get your data back. I used to tell my own clients the same thing, until a few months ago when I figured out how to decrypt it! So we’re now offering data recovery for most ransomware.


You will need to provide a file (anyfile) on your computer that you are able to give me an encrpyted copy of, and the original. I need to be able to compare the original to the encrypted copy in order to decrypt it and figure out how its encrypting all your files. Once i have the encryption process i can then use that to recover all your other files.

The ransomware recovery service starts at $500 minimum, but is calculated per client. If i can’t get the data, you dont pay anything.
At the bottom of this page is a form you can upload your original document, and your encrypted document to. Once decrypted i will send you back a preview of the document to prove the recovery is possible. After your invoice is finalised you will recieve all your data back.

We can recover data for all of the following ransom viruses.

777 Ransom
AES_NI Ransom
Agent.iih Ransom
Alcatraz Ransom
Alpha Ransom
Amnesia Ransom
Amnesia2 Ransom
Annabelle Ransom
Aura Ransom
Aurora Ransom
AutoIt Ransom
AutoLocky Ransom
BTCWare Ransom
BadBlock Ransom
BarRax Ransom
Bart Ransom
BigBobRoss Ransom
Bitcryptor Ransom
CERBER V1 Ransom
Chimera Ransom
Coinvault Ransom
Cry128 Ransom
Cry9 Ransom
CrySIS Ransom
Cryakl Ransom
Crybola Ransom
Crypt888 Ransom
CryptON Ransom
CryptXXX V1 Ransom
CryptXXX V2 Ransom
CryptXXX V3 Ransom
CryptXXX V4 Ransom
CryptXXX V5 Ransom
CryptoMix Ransom
Cryptokluchen Ransom
DXXD Ransom
Damage Ransom
Democry Ransom
Derialock Ransom
Dharma Ransom
EncrypTile Ransom
Everbe 1.0 Ransom
FenixLocker Ransom
FilesLocker v1 and v2 Ransom
Fury Ransom
GandCrab (V1, V4 and V5 up to V5.2 versions) Ransom
GetCrypt Ransom
Globe Ransom
Globe/Purge Ransom
Globe2 Ransom
Globe3 Ransom
GlobeImposter Ransom
Gomasom Ransom
HKCrypt Ransom
HiddenTear Ransom
Iams00rry Ransom
InsaneCrypt Ransom
JSWorm 2.0 Ransom
JSWorm 4.0 Ransom
Jaff Ransom
Jigsaw Ransom
LambdaLocker Ransom
Lamer Ransom
Linux.Encoder.1 Ransom
Linux.Encoder.3 Ransom
Loocipher Ransom
Lortok Ransom
MacRansom Ransom
Marlboro Ransom
Marsjoke aka Polyglot Ransom
MegaLocker Ransom
Merry X-Mas Ransom
MirCop Ransom
Mira Ransom
Mole Ransom
Nemucod Ransom
NemucodAES Ransom
Nmoreira Ransom
Noobcrypt Ransom
Ozozalocker Ransom
PHP ransomware Ransom
Pewcrypt Ransom
Philadelphia Ransom
Planetary Ransom
Pletor Ransom
Popcorn Ransom
Pylocky Ransom
Rakhni Ransom
Rannoh Ransom
Rotor Ransom
SNSLocker Ransom
Shade Ransom
Simplocker Ransom
Stampado Ransom
Syrk Ransom
Teamxrat/Xpan Ransom
TeslaCrypt V1 Ransom
TeslaCrypt V2 Ransom
TeslaCrypt V3 Ransom
TeslaCrypt V4 Ransom
Thanatos Ransom
Trustezeb Ransom
Wildfire Ransom
XData Ransom
ZQ Ransom
ZeroFucks Ransom