Upgrading the iPhone 11 Pro to the Pro Max? with ONE part?

There’s a lot of talk in the Microsoldering community groups at the moment regarding some newly gathered intel on the iPhone 11 Pro. We’ve recently discovered a very minute difference between the motherboards of the iPhone 11 Pro, & Pro Max. At first glance it seems these boards are entirely identical. The only noticeable difference between them is one part the size of a spec of dust. A Resister.

Now we remember with the iPad 2/3/4 we could switch between the Cellular and Wifi models by moving or removing resistors. Does this mean we will be able to upgrade an iPhone 11 Pro, to a Pro Max by just modifying a single resister? Well its entirely possible.

Earlier today I spoke with iPad Rehab’s Jessa Jones from New York. “It Probably won’t work” she said, “but maybe” If you take the NAND off a board and try to restore it , you will get all the way through the “extracting” “verifying with Apple” part of the restore—then it will fail when it can’t talk to NAND (the storage chip on the iPhone).

So how the heck does the board know enough to identify itself without a NAND in order to talk to Apple and get the right software update packaged and ready to shoot in the device? They use Board ID Resisters

In the distant past, it was possible to take an iCloud locked cellular iPad & change a board ID resister. On reboot the board would wake up in DFU mode because it created amnesia- Who am i? WTF? Why do i have software for cellular if I am WiFi?

If you connected to iTunes, these boards would identify as WiFi models, and ask iTunes for the WiFi model iOS.

If you restored the device, they woke up thinking they were a brand new Wifi model with no iCloud information.

Would that be the same here for a beat up iPhone 11 Pro? Could you take the board- brainwash the board ID Resister- and have it wake up as a Pro max? Would it remove iCloud?

“I doubt it. This has never worked out outside of the specific case of the cellular model iPads. But who knows-it isnt neccessarily impossible until proven”