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I provide a range of services! Phone Repairs, Computer Repairs, Laptop & Macbook Repairs, Tablet Repairs, Hair Straighteners, Heating Units, Appliances & Accessories. From screen repairs to battery repairs, charge port replacements, water damage, data recovery, motherboard repairs & microsoldering. Across a range of devices from Apple to Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Oppo or any other brand of a device! Bring me a challenge!

Water damage in mobile phones is on the rise on the Central Coast, causing significant grief in lost photos, messages, contacts and apps as well as big repair or replacement costs, according to a local repairer. 

Local repairer & data recovery specialist Ben Nash from iFix Electronics in Erina has seen an increasing trend in unnecessary damage and data loss due to water damage. “A water damaged phone results in a lot of tears. When people realise that they’ve lost photos, apps, messages and documents many experience real devastating loss” said Ben.

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Addressing Water Damage with Ben Nash – Macquarie Radio’s Trevor Long

Supporting Service Providers

Today I met with the Optus Corporate Office in Erina to discuss better ways to bring a better service to the consumers of the Central Coast. Im so happy be to be the local repairer for the Erina team and I look forward to working with them!

iFix Busting The Rice Myth!

2GB’s Ben Fordham throwing us an amazing plug on air

iFix & NSW Health (Central Coast Local Health District)

I’m happy to announce that NSW Health & iFix have established a profound connection in the past few months and we’ve now taken over all device repairs for the Central Coast Local Health District. Covering repairs from computers, phones & tablets that are used in everyday activities in your local central coast hospitals and admin facilities.